If you’re suffering from bone loss, bone grafting can be an effective and lasting treatment solution.

Successful dental implant placement requires a certain amount of bone in which the fixture is placed. However, if there is not enough bone for the procedure, it may be possible to insert a graft.

If tooth loss occurs as a result of an accident or injury, the area surrounding the missing tooth can often recede causing the jawbone itself to shrink, Bone grafting is a recent, specialist innovation in dentistry that involves the grafting of bone from one area of the body to the jawbone, increasing its depth and width. The graft of choice is not bone taken from your body. Artificial bones are superior in most applications.

What’s involved?

Firstly your experienced dentist will make a small incision from your designated donor site (part of your body) to retrieve a small section of bone. This donor site is predominantly the hip or chin area. The section is then grafted to your jawbone to create a suitable site for a dental implant. Patients may experience some initial discomfort at both sites (donor site, and jawbone) which is completely normal and easily controlled with pain medication.

If you require bone grafting, this will be discussed with you in full before the commencement of treatment. 

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner

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